Bar Bistro

Toronto’s First Coffee Subscription

Toronto’s First Coffee Subscription (Because let’s face it, you need it)   District 28 Bar Bistro is now offering Toronto’s fi...


Ontario Craft Beer Guide

It is well known that high quality beer comes from the Ontario craft breweries, but due to the variety of beer available from our local brewerie...



10 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Toronto

  From drag shows to ice skating to a good ole’ picnic on the Islands, spend your birthday in a unique way as only one can do so in To...


Year in Review

  2016 has been an eventful and busy year for District 28 but we’re not complaining. We had the chance to host some of the coolest events...


QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

Worst Movies of 2019 QuickViews

While there were lots of great movies (widely known and also underrated) there were also bad movies that never deserved to be made   Here is...


Best Movies of 2019 QuickViews

Every year there are always movies that come along and take us away from our real lives whether they’re good or bad. This year as always there ...



2019 Emmys QuickViews

Thanks to the Oscars going hostless this year, this year’s Emmys decided to do the same.   While the idea of no host helps keep things alo...


2019 Oscars QuickViews

One of the biggest conversations leading up to the 91st Academy Awards was will the Oscars be better without a traditional host? In my opinion, ...



Choosing Your Correct Office Environment

  Are you a new freelancer or maybe a member of a small company looking for a creative new office space? Then this guide is for you, office ...


5 reasons coworking beats your local coffee shop

Many freelancers have lived the same story, the home office becomes too cluttered and distracting so they look for work elsewhere. The natural ne...