10 Productivity Apps to Help Your Business

September 27, 2016 // in Workspaces

There are countless productivity apps out there meant to help your business. Here are District 28’s top 10 productivity apps that will help manage your business’s files, act as a project management tool, and help with internal business communication.


Google Drive free


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop

Google Drive


Google Drive has become the premier product for cloud storage. Its integration with Google docs allows for easy document creation and the free 15 gigabytes of data beats most of their competitors. Google drive also allows for easy sharing and collaborating on work which helps create synergy in the workplace.


IFTTT (if this then that) free


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop


IFTTT is a great automated management tool with a number of interesting uses. The tool allows for the creation of automatic responses when a given event happens. Sounds confusing but it is pretty simple once you get started and there are 100’s of recommended recipes online.  Some things IFTTT lets you do is automatically text you any email that is marked as important, save photos uploaded to Instagram to your google drive, or even text you when news reports related to a zombie breakout.


Slack free basic package ($8 per month for more features)


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop


Slack has become the premier social messaging tool among businesses. Slack allows for easy communication among teams or as a business. You can also use Slack to send private messages and with Slack’s built in search functionality it is always easy to find messages received in the past. There is a free slack plan available but slack can be upgraded to premium for $8 a month per user which gives access to more apps and services as well as group calls to further help collaboration. Slack also has seamless integration with other productivity apps like Google Drive and Trello making it a great project management tool as well.


Trello free basic package ($9.99 per month for more features)


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop


Trello acts as a digital bulletin board so that team members always know what they are accountable for and to keep all team members on track. Trello offers the ability to add files and comments to tasks making for easy collaboration and it also features integration with Google Drive allowing for  even further cooperation. Trello also offers custom cards containing assets such as checklists, a calendar, and a voting card which can be added to tasks which need further management options.


Zoho free basic package ($25 per month for more features)


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop


Zoho has grown into the premier project management app for businesses of all sizes. It offers the ability to separate tasks into easily manageable units. Zoho’s visuals are truly its best feature by using bar graphs, pie charts, and Gantt charts Zoho shows off what work still needs to be completed, and who is responsible for completing each task in a pleasing visual way. Most of Zoho’s features are available free so you can try it with no risk and with the plethora of add-ons available Zoho can be customized to fit your businesses needs.


Zotero free basic package ($20 per year for more features)


Available on desktop, third party apps available on IOS and Android


Zotero is the perfect app for any researchers out there. Instead of having to go through pages of sources and multiple folders keeping track of PDF’s, images, audio files, and video files Zotero keeps all of these things in one place. Zotero uses a searchable interface so that researchers can search through their sources with ease. You can save anything from a newspaper story to an ebook and come back to it later. Zotero can also be used as a citation assistant once your research is complete.


Unroll.Me free


Available on IOS, and desktop


Tired of email clutter from email newsletters then Unroll.Me is for you. Whether wanted or unwanted email newsletters can take up a lot of space in your email Unroll.Me fixes that problem. Unroll.Me helps manage all your subscription services consolidating newsletters into a daily summary and making it easy to delete the subscription services you are no longer interested in.


Google Now free

Google Now

Available on Android, IOS


Originally Google’s answer to Siri, Google now has grown into a great productivity app.  Google now can be used to answer any question you may have and it can also be used to interact with most apps on your phone. Google now also will learn and show you cards with different information these cards can show things such as calendar notifications, flight/train details, estimated time it will take you to get to work, and package tracking all in one location. Google now also integrates well with other Google apps so any Google Drive or Gmail users out there will have an additional need for Google Now.


1Password free


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop

Do you find yourself using the same password over and over again, or do you have trouble remembering all your passwords, if the answer is yes to either of these questions 1Password is for you. 1Password creates a secure password for all your accounts and social networks and saves them all in one secure location. With 1Password you don’t need to be worried about keeping track of all your different password let the app do it for you.


Evernote free basic package ($46.99 per year for more features)


Available on Android, IOS, and desktop


Evernote is a very powerful note taking tool which can be utilized by businesses of any size or by individual users. Simply write a note which can be anything from a picture to a to-do list then save it on Evernote. Now this note will be available across all your devices and it can be shared with other who can comment on it and give their opinions. Premium accounts offer even more features that can help with productivity such as forwarding emails to Evernote and the ability to scan and save business cards.