5 Tips to Designing your Perfect Workspace

August 17, 2017 // in Workspaces

Whether you work at home, in a private office, or at one of District 28’s own designated desks, it is important to create an atmosphere that can foster innovation, creativity, and concentration.  So if you are looking to organize your desk or design your own home office then keep these 5 tips in mind.


Create a Space Separate from your Desk.

Nobody likes to sit in one space all day, especially if that space is at a desk covered with work and bright monitors. A space to get away from your desk just to take a break, answer a call, or to get a change of scenery while you work is very important to maintaining a healthy work environment. One of the great advantages of coworking spaces like District 28 is the common area which can be used for some comfortable work. If you work from home bring a couch or some bean bags into your office so you can get off the desk when you need it.

Small Meeting Room


Find a Private Quiet Spaces to Concentrate

Personally, I love communal working, sitting in silence all day can drive you crazy, but on occasion, you need a quiet space to go work. If you work from home make sure there is somewhere you can go away from kids, pets, and loud distractions. District 28 offers many options like are private small meeting rooms which are perfect for private work.

Natural Light

Find Your Right Lighting

Some like a soft light, and others a bright atmosphere, it is important to find a lighting setup that works for. If your office space allows it look into natural light as an option, open up the windows and get some Vitamin D. Using natural light has been linked with more productive and calmer work environments. Not to mention switching to natural light is a great way to save on energy costs.

Desk with Clutter

Keep Out the Clutter

I think everyone can relate, sometimes work gets overwhelming and your desk and office space can quickly become cluttered with various office equipment and documents. While using some of your desk space to jot down ideas can help with creative thinking clutter can quickly become messy and overwhelming. In order to create an optimal working environment keep your work station tidy to promote a healthy and productive working atmosphere.


Show off Your Success

Whether you’re in a home office or a communal workspace it is always important to feel good about your achievements. If you have any trophies or awards find a place for them to fit comfortably in your office or room. If you have a successful product try and find room for one in your office. Keeping your achievements in few is a great conversation started in a communal workspace and acts as a reminder of success to drive you going forward.