Co Working – Revolutionizing the Traditional Office Environment

October 10, 2016 // in Workspaces

In today’s modern working environment, co-working has become the norm for businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The reasons to join a co-workspace are endless, but we have listed the top 4 benefits of joining this movement.



Connections in any business are critical to the success of an organization, co-working environments encourage networking opportunities unlike any other workplace. In your communal workspace you are surrounded by a network of individuals who have a wide range of knowledge, diverse educational backgrounds and perspective on a variety of subject matters. Shared workspaces not only surround you with driven individuals, but also access to investors and professionals such as lawyers and graphic designers, potentially helping you discover a client,  colleague or a friend.


Spark ideas and conversation

The diversity of co-working spaces drive creativity and spark great ideas. Delivering solutions for your clients and business can be a strenuous task. A collaborative workspace encourages conversation with other entrepreneurs and professionals to help build and create ideas for your business, as others may have encountered similar issues. This collaboration helps foster creativity and innovation to accelerate growth at your organization.


Flexible and Cost Effective

Collaborative work spaces are designed to include dedicated work desks, providing the flexibility for small to medium sized teams that are looking for cost effective and customized workspaces. Co-WorkSpaces can range from $90 to $375 per month and do not require long rental agreements providing members with the freedom to structure their own rental terms.


More than Just 4 Walls

Co-Workspaces seamlessly integrate all facets of your working lifestyle. Providing members with incredible workshops to refine your skills in leadership and management. In addition to workshops, members are invited to exclusive events that include networking opportunities, keynote speakers, and karaoke nights.