Introducing Coup D’etat

October 20, 2016 // in Workspaces


Coup D'etat logo


This week we introduce to you Coup D’etat, a content creation studio. They have been one of District 28 Workspaces oldest members; below is an interview we had with Stuart and Lee about their time at our Co-working space.


Why District 28 Workspaces?

District 28 provides the exact kind of environment we’re looking for as a creative production company. With studios, equipment and a great atmosphere, we feel right at home and we have the ability to create at a higher potential than ever before.


What Is Coup’ D’etat?

We are Coup D’etat. Coup D’etat is a content creation studio that specializes in video and animation production, working primarily in the Film/television and advertising sectors. We provide services ranging from concept development all the way to the final post production finishing touches.


What are two things you need to do your job?

It’s an amazing space that (along with some great complimentary coffee) inspires our creativity and allows our business to grow and thrive.


What has your Co – work experience been like so far?

So far it’s been great, we love the facilities, as well as meeting people within and outside our industries. There is never a dull moment around District 28.


Check out their 2017 Highlight Reel!