Is Coworking Right For You

August 29, 2017 // in Workspaces

We have been operational here at District 28 WorkSpaces for around a year now and we have had a number of different members come by with varying careers and reasons for looking into coworking. While people’s individual needs can range there are a few themes that keep popping up.

Here are some of the more common reasons we have heard from our members who have taken advantage of our coworking.

The Home Office Gets Districting

As a freelancer, the idea of starting your own business and working from home sounds great. You can work on your own schedule, wear whatever you want, and don’t have to deal with any commuting. This seems like the perfect scenario but as many quickly find out working at home can be distracting. Many like to disassociate home from work, being at home means dealing with loud pets and kids, as well as constant distractions from entertainment devices like televisions. In addition, the time allotted to personal and professional endeavors can become blurred. This is one of the most common reasons people look toward coworking. A cowork space will not have the distractions of a home office and will allow for separation of work and home. A pool from OfficeVibe found that 60% of coworkers had a more relaxing experience at home after joining a cowork space. This shows that coworking not only helps to create a better experience when working but also helps to create a better atmosphere at home.



Coffee Shop Working


More Professional Than a Coffee Shop

Many of our members found the first step after their home office was coffee shops. Coffee shops are inexpensive to work from as you typically can work for the price of a couple coffees. The people around can get distracting and do not project the same work focused atmosphere of a coworking space but many still find it more suitable for work than a home office. Though a coffee shop is often a temporary solution, a cowork space built with a mailing address, and meeting rooms portrays a better image to clients than traditional coffee shops. In addition thanks to the existence of District 28’s $90 common room plan and the $195 Hot Desk plan it ends up costing not much more than your daily coffee at a coffee shop.

Avoiding the High Costs of Private Offices

Even smaller private offices can demand high monthly fees, not to mention the need to buy furniture and maintenance fees that often come with renting your own office. These fees can climb quickly and can easily be thousands of dollars (and you don’t even get free coffee). Coworking is a great option for individuals or small companies looking for a cheap workspace alternative. In contrast to expensive traditional offices, District 28’s Dedicated Desk plan starts at just $300 a month with no hidden fees making for an excellent low-cost workspace alternative.


Cowork Networking

Looking for Community and Networking Opportunities

Most people are social by nature, we enjoy sharing stories and experiences with others. In a professional environment, some of the best ideas can come from collaborative thinking and simply bouncing ideas off others. A cowork space offers a great space to share ideas, and find similar minded people to network with. Working for yourself does not need to mean working alone, taking advantage of coworking is a great way to build a network and to have better personal interactions with others.

Temporary Office Requirements

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can displace your company, where do you put employees when a fire causes a month long emergency maintenance. Coworking makes for a great option. With monthly contracts and inexpensive workspaces, a cowork space can be an excellent choice for those needing a temporary space to work. We have seen a number of larger companies take advantage of our space due to planned or emergency maintenance which has displaced employees.

Final Thoughts

If you fall into any of the above groups then maybe coworking is right for you. Think your work can be enhanced from coworking? Than come by District 28, we would love to have you!