Quincy QuickViews

October 29, 2019 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, The Wiz, The Color Purple and a celebration of the African-American museum. What do they all have in common? Quincy Jones.


In Quincy (only on Netflix and directed by his daughter Rashida Jones), we get to see Jones in action from the time he gets an offer to produce a special for the opening of the African-American museum, while traveling with up and coming artists and talent in music to the time the special is aired. Along the way the film jumps back and forth to his past from when he was born to where he is today, shaping the landscape of film, TV and music. Wonderfully you will never feel that the 2-hour doc is boring or slow but done in a way that is very entertaining from beginning to end.


Presented with archive interviews from Quincy Jones over the years along with an audio appearance from his last wife Peggy Lipton, Quincy is an appreciation of a man who went through a lot in his life but found a career that he continues to enjoy each and every day.


Office Rating: 10/10