Ralph Breaks the Internet QuickViews

November 30, 2018 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

If you enjoyed all the fun and humor in Wreck-It Ralph then get ready for more with Ralph Breaks the Internet.


Since the last time we saw Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) 6 years ago, they’ve been closer than ever as friends. When Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush experiences technical difficulties, they go in search of a part that will fix everything through the Internet.


With a great story superior to the first film, a spectacular voice cast headed by Reilly and Silverman, beautiful colours and amazing animation along with Easter eggs and surprises you won’t see coming, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a fun adventure that surpasses the first one in every way.


Office Rating: 10/10