Red Sparrow QuickViews

March 12, 2018 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence team up
again to bring an espionage novel to life: Red Sparrow.

When her mother falls ill, Dominika Egorova
(Jennifer Lawrence) becomes part of a training
program (thanks to her uncle) where her body is
used as a means to seduce her targets. When she is
tasked with a mission Dominikia meets Nate Nash
(Joel Edgerton), a CIA operative who asks her to
become a double agent. But as Dominikia gets deeper
and deeper into her assignment, she finds that things
are not what they seem to be.

Even though Lawrence, Edgerton and Jeremy Irons
are great, Red Sparrow has graphic violence and
nudity that might be a little unsettling for some
viewers, and also includes many twists that will have
you confused even after the movie is over.

Maybe it was better for Jennifer and Francis Lawrence to just leave their working relationship
alone after the last 3 Hunger Games films, they did together.


Rated: 2/5