Shazam QuickViews

April 12, 2019 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

DCEU (DC Comics Extended Universe)’s 7thmovie is here and is a total blast: Shazam.


Orphaned since he was 3, Billy Batson gets taken in by a couple who were also orphans as children and also have 5 kids of their own as well in their family. When a subway stops in an unknown lair, the wizard Shazam (Dmonju Hounseu) gives Billy the power to turn into an older adult (Zachary Levi) to stop an evil man from getting what he is able to do with his powers.


With an exciting story, an amazing cast headed by Levi, Jack Dylan Grazer (It, Me, Myself and I), Mark Strong and Hounseu, hilarious humor and non-stop laughs from start to finish, Shazam is wish fulfillment at its best.


Office Rating: 9/10