Terminator: Dark Fate QuickViews

November 15, 2019 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

The franchise that kick-started James Cameron’s career is back. That’s right it’s Terminator.


In Dark Fate (ignoring what happened in the last 3 movies), Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) has stopped Judgment Day from happening. 25 years later in 2020 a new AI called Legion has chosen a new target to wipe out the next wave of the Resistance. Like the first 3 films the future sends back 2 Terminators (good and bad) to the past to determine the world’s fate.


Even though it tries to tell a good story (connecting it to the first two), what really makes it worth watching are the amazing action sequences that equal the memorable scenes that people still remember from the franchise, Tim Miller’s great directing that’s just as good as what James Cameron brought to the first two and Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spectacular performances as their returning characters are a wonderful delight.


Unfortunately only the first two are worth enjoying again and again because of how well they’ve held up over the years and decades through their stories, cast(s), action sequences and incredible fast pace and flow.


Office Rating: 7/10