The Movies QuickViews

July 25, 2019 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

For those who enjoyed The Decades, The History of Comedy and American Style, comes a new comprehensive series from CNN you’ll instantly love and enjoy: The Movies.


A dream for any cinephile, The Movies (produced by Tom Hanks and his company Playtone in association with HBO) takes a look at the history of cinema as well as many movies over the decades (from the 1930s to today) that have shaped our culture and resonated with us throughout the years.


Featuring many interviews with actors, directors, authors and historians including Hanks, Bill Hader, Robert Deniro, Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott, Robert Zemeckis, Martin Scorsese and many others, The Movies is a documentary experience you can’t miss.


Number of episodes: 6


The 1930’s-1950s: 10

The Sixties: 10

The Seventies: 10

The Eighties: 10

The Nineties: 10

The 2000s to Today: 10


Office Rating: 10/10