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January 31, 2018 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

Nominated for 6 Golden Globes including Best Picture and Best Director and nominated for 2 Oscars: Best Picture and Best Actress, here is the review for Steven Spielberg’s newest masterpiece: The Post.


Acting as a prequel to All the President’s Men, the film starts in 1966 with Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys, The Americans), a man who survived in Vietnam but wanted the world to know what was going on down there. 5 years later in 1971, Richard Nixon stops The New York Times from publishing the “Pentagon Papers”, a study on what happened in Vietnam. Over the course of a week, Katherine “Kay” Graham (Meryl Streep) along with Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) and his team of reporters get the story but have to decide if The Washington Post should release the report or not.


Fueled by a smart script and great dialogue by newcomer Liz Hannah and Josh Singer (Spotlight), an amazing cast filled with unforgettable performances by Streep, Hanks and a supporting cast of actors you’ll recognize from other films and TV shows, fantastic directing by Spielberg and a sometimes slow but exciting pace and flow, The Post is a spectacular ride you won’t want to miss.


*Fun fact*: After Steven Spielberg finished making Ready Player One (which wasn’t expected to be completed and released until March 30, 2018), he received the script for The Post and knew he wanted to make it, since he thought the timing for the story to be told felt right. Wanting the film to release in time for awards season 2017, Spielberg hired Hanks and Streep in March along with his supporting cast in April, shot from May to July in Washington D.C. and had it ready for premieres by November. Spielberg deserves lots of credit for directing the film and jumping on it when he did.