Three Identical Strangers QuickViews

October 3, 2018 // in QuickView - Micro Reviews by David Deverett

For those who loved and enjoyed Won’t You Be My Neighbor and liked RBG, check out Three Identical Strangers.


In the 1970’s a man was called another name until he realized he had an identical twin brother and both of them got attention in a newspaper story. But it isn’t until another man realizes he looks just like them that these triplets realized all of them were brothers. But behind this funny, charming, beautiful story is a dark secret that hasn’t been talked about until now.


Haunting, disturbing, sickening and powerful, Three Identical Strangers has a good pace and flow that at times you’ll forget that it went by fast from start to finish. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Office Rating: 9/10