5 reasons coworking beats your local coffee shop

November 14, 2017 // in Workspaces

Many freelancers have lived the same story, the home office becomes too cluttered and distracting so they look for work elsewhere. The natural next step is to work out of is coffee shops, they offer a pleasant atmosphere, and obviously, give you easy access to coffee. It can be nice to work out of a coffee shop, we see people working in our own district 28 Bar Bistro but coworking can be the next step to improving your working experience. Here are 5 reasons a cowork space beats your local coffee shop.


1) Save Money

That’s right, coworking is actually less expensive than your “free coffee” shop. At a coffee shop sitting there all day you are likely to buy a couple cups of coffee and maybe a snack at some point. Let’s say you don’t buy a lot and end up spending just $5 a day. On a 20 day work month that is $100. Most Cowork spaces will have some sort of less expensive common area plan. For example, at District 28 WorkSpaces we offer our commons plan for just $90 dollar which covers unlimited coffee and tea.


2) A space to bring clients


The digital world has created many opportunities for remote work. It has become less common to consistently need to meet with clients as tasks can typically be completed and delivered digitally. Every so often the situation will come around where a face to face meeting is needed. Cowork spaces will offer meeting rooms allowing for more professional meetings with big clients. Having a designated area for meeting helps to maintain a quiet meeting where you can address all your clients concerns without interruption. Bringing clients to a professional conference room rather than a coffee shop also helps portray a more successful and confident image.



3) A professional mailing address


Keep your work and home separate by using a cowork space as a mailing address. Have you ever missed a delivery to your home while working in a coffee shop, or have you ever missed out on an important business letter because it got mixed up in your personal mail? Sounds like you could use a business mailing address, standard with most coworking spaces. Never miss a delivery, cowork spaces will have someone there to accept mail and distribute mail to their members so you never have to worry about being there for couriers again. Not to mention the added bonus of keeping a layer of anonymity by no longer needing to give out your home address.


4) Keep it quiet


Those who have experienced the coffee shop life for long enough know it can get loud. Busy lunch rushes, distracting conversations, and loud customers can easily turn a pleasant workday into an unproductive experience. There are many reasons to join a cowork space but the underlying reason almost everyone has when looking for coworking is the need to work. Whether you have come as a graphic designer, marketer, or coder it is clear that the goal in a workspace is productivity and the ambiance reflects that.


5) Networking Opportunities


Coffee shops are not built for communication. Seeing different people every day and being around an assortment of different types of people does not foster communication and networking. Cowork Spaces, on the other hand, are designed for community building. By being around like-minded individuals there is tons of room to find new business opportunities or to simply find other freelancers in similar fields to bounce ideas off of. Not to mention most cowork spaces will make a point to have networking events for members to get to know one another.


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Check out this video on our common space to see if it can be a fit for you.