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Toronto’s First Coffee Subscription

Toronto’s First Coffee Subscription (Because let’s face it, you need it)   District 28 Bar Bistro is now offering Toronto’s first coffee subscription. We understand coffee is an essential component to your productivity at work. Therefore, we have designed a subscription based system that fuels your craving all day!     For $50 a month you receive unlimited drip coffee in your own District 28 Thermos. We allow  you to create your own subscription terms, whether you w...


Ontario Craft Beer Guide

It is well known that high quality beer comes from the Ontario craft breweries, but due to the variety of beer available from our local breweries choosing a beer can get confusing. If you find yourself asking what’s the difference between a Blonde lager and a Stout beer then this guide is for you.   Blonde Lager   A Blonde Lager is a typical light bodied brew with a low to moderate bitterness. Due to their lighter bodies, a Blond Lager is a great option for an easy to drink thir...