Choosing Your Correct Office Environment

February 2, 2018 // in Workspaces


Are you a new freelancer or maybe a member of a small company looking for a creative new office space? Then this guide is for you, office space options now reach beyond that of traditional office space and this blog will show you all the options you have for office space.


Home Office

Home Office

Maybe you have been given a remote position or you have just entered the world of freelance. In these situations, the first place people find themselves working is from home. While it can be nice to have a 0-minute commute and it can seem nice to be around family home office quickly become distracting. If you feel a home office is right for you than it is a good idea to build a section of your house designed for work. Keep distractions to a minimum and try and keep kids out of the space.


Pros of a Home office


  • 0-minute commute
  • No additional costs
  • Can save money on food by making lunch every day
  • Those with larger homes can create a private space to work


Cons of a Home office


  • Television, kids, pets, video games… there are tons of distractions at home which leads to inefficient work
  • Lack of community, people are naturally drawn to conversation working alone all the time limits networking options and can hurt communication skills
  • No place for a professional meeting with clients
  • Hard to separate work and home and you will find yourself stressed and working during off hours.


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Workspace

Nowadays it’s hard to find a coffee shop that doesn’t offer free WiFi, many coffee shops love people coming in for work as it means they will make purchases while working there and will make there shop inviting to freelancers and those looking to get work done. Coffee shops are primarily not offices and thus busy hours with lots of customers or even just a couple of loud customers can be very distracting.  Typically after moving from a home office, a coffee shop is the first jump in the freelancing journey but you quickly realize many of the drawbacks of a home office re still present in a coffee shop.


Pros of  a Coffee Shop


  • Can be inexpensive if you do not purchase a lot
  • Less lonely than a home office
  • Some places to meet people
  • Typically a very short commute (there are coffee shops everywhere)


Cons of a Coffee Shop


  • Busy hours and loud customers can be distracting
  • Different customers every day hurts long-term relationship building
  • Lack of a professional audience is bad for networking
  • Not guaranteed a place to work
  • Unprofessional meeting environment can look bad to clients
  • It can get expensive if you order lunch/multiple coffees every day


For more details about how a coffee shop compares to a cowork space check out our previous blog on 5 Reasons Coworking Beats York Local Coffee Shop

Cowork Space Common Area Plan

The common area plan available with many Cowork spaces like District 28 is a great stepping stone between a Home office and a more dedicated office option. These plans are typically inexpensive and offer workspace options with fewer distractions than a typical coffee shop or home office. The inexpensive monthly fee is also equaled out by the free coffee you get from these plans.


Pros of a Common Area Plan


  • Inexpensive workspace, also partially covered by varied free amenities
  • Professional meeting are to meet with clients
  • Professional mailing address
  • Networking with like-minded professionals
  • Working environment kept fairly distraction free


Cons of a Common Area Plan


  • No dedicated area to work
  • Environment can be more distracting than a dedicated desk
  • Common area can be noisy or more distracting than dedicated desks and offices
  • Can not leave things like monitors or documents at the office


Cowork Space Hot Desk Plans

Hot Desk


The great thing about Hot Desk plans is they can be seen as “come as you need” plans. A step above the common area plans the Hot Desks will typically offer a more professional work environment to common area plans while still not offering a  dedicated space to work. Anyone who works off laptops will likely be able to make a good use of Hot Desks. Many Hot Desk plans like those at District 28 come with a limited number of days a month for a less expensive price compared to a dedicated desk, this makes the hot desk perfect for those who have a long commute and do not want to come into work every day, those who travel, and for those who like a change of scenery in a traditional work week.


Pros of a Hot Desk Plan


  • More professional work environment in comparison to a common area plan
  • Work with different people
  • Professional meeting area to meet with clients
  • Professional mailing address
  • Work area designed for work unlike common area which can get noisy
  • Easy to expand by adding more plans


Cons of a Hot Desk Plan


  • No dedicated place to work
  • Sitting with different people can hurt long-term relationships
  • Plans often do not come with a desk every day of a month, not optimal for those looking to come into work every day


Cowork Space Dedicated Desk Plans

Dedicated Desk

The Dedicated Desk is the most popular plan at District 28, it offers a Great mix between a dedicated workspace while still maintaining an open environment. A dedicated desk will allow the member to keep monitors and other personal items on your desk allowing you to work efficiently and comfortably. It is the perfect space for freelancers or remote workers looking for a consistent office space to go to 5+ days a week.


Pros of a Dedicated Desk Plan


  • No need to worry about finding a space to work
  • Workaround same or similar people every day great for building lasting networking relationships
  • Professional meeting area to meet with clients
  • Professional mailing address
  • Workspace typically kept quite aside from company building conversations
  • Ability to network and learn from those around you to grow your business
  • Easy to expand by adding more desks


Cons of a Dedicated Desk Plan


  • Other people in the workspace can make it difficult to have confidential conversations (phone booths are usually offered for private conversations and phone calls)
  • Some people like a change of scenery and do not like sitting in the same place


Cowork Space Private Offices

Private Office

The next step up from a dedicated desk would be your own private office, cowork space private offices vary in size, at District 28 Private Offices range for teams of 3 – 10. These are optimal for teams who require an excess of internal private communication. Renting a private office from a cowork space offers a great mix of coworking and a traditional office space. Private offices offer all the advantages of coworking like networking opportunities and as well as complimentary WiFi and Coffee. While still having a private space for just your company to prosper. A great option for small teams who can get the privacy small companies find important as well as the social networking opportunities typically offered by larger corporations.


Pros of a Private Office Plan


  • No need to worry about finding a space to work
  • Private space for collaboration free of distractions
  • Professional meeting area to meet with clients
  • Professional mailing address
  • Office maintained and kept clean
  • Networking opportunities available through networking events
  • Less expensive than traditional offices


Cons of a Private Office Plan


  • Lack of networking with like-minded individuals when  in your office
  • Can keep confidential information private
  • Hard to add employees once office is full
  • More expensive per person than dedicated desk or hot desk plans


Traditional Office Space

Though we always hate seeing members go there comes the time where your company to expand. The traditional office space is great for mid-sized to large companies ready to expand to the next level.  You will miss the advantages of cowork spaces such as networking opportunities, complimentary amenities like WiFi and Coffee, and free office maintenance but some find the added privacy to be a large enough benefit to incur these additional costs.


Pros of Traditional Offices


  • Complete Private
  • Professional mailing address
  • Typically kept distraction free


Cons of Traditional Offices


  • Very expensive especially for large units or units in major cities like Toronto
  • Maintenance and cleaning often not included
  • Can only expand until office is at max capacity at which point a new office is needed
  • No external networking opportunities
  • Need to forfeit office space to have a dedicated meeting space
  • Will need to buy coffee every day
  • Must sign a long-term lease