Toronto’s First Coffee Subscription

October 26, 2016 // in Bar Bistro

Toronto’s First Coffee Subscription

(Because let’s face it, you need it)


District 28 Bar Bistro is now offering Toronto’s first coffee subscription. We understand coffee is an essential component to your productivity at work. Therefore, we have designed a subscription based system that fuels your craving all day!



For $50 a month you receive unlimited drip coffee in your own District 28 Thermos. We allow  you to create your own subscription terms, whether you want to try it for one month or an entire year, it is completely up to you.



Purchasing approximately two coffee’s a day for an entire month can cost upwards to $120. Whereas our $50 coffee subscription will help you save $70 a month and keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket.


The choice is obvious, ease the burden on your wallet and fill your stomach with hot, satisfying, and savoury coffee.