No matter if you are using the studios for photography, filming, production, or costume fitting our space offers a number of amenities that can make your vision come to life.


Come for photo studios or film studios and you won't need to leave the building to keep yourself energized. While you're shooting at district 28 head over to our on site bistro for a coffee. Our fresh brewed coffee will keep you motivated and vitalized through your whole shoot.

Edit Suite

Need to do some color correcting on your photos? Or looking for a place finalize your post production needs. Look no further than our on site edit suite. The perfect spot to complete your post production work without even needing to leave the building.


Looking for a war room to get some ideas out there our need a meeting space to talk about your shoot. We have got the perfect choice for you, rent our 12 person meeting room to accompany your film or photo studio booking.


Need a quiet place to concentrate, or need a place to work when not in the studio then District 28 WorkSpaces is for you. Make sure to check out our new creatives membership which comes with monthly access to our photography studios.

Contact Us

28 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2M8
(416) 224-2369