Our Spaces

Our Spaces

District 28 WorkSpaces Studios
District 28 WorkSpaces provides members access to 3 studios ( 4300, 1500 and 1000 square feet each). The studios are the perfect place create a variety of multimedia content whether it's a quick photoshoot for social media or a tv commercial for a client. Amenities include, hair and makeup processing room, showers, loading docks, 200amp power and kitchenettes.
District 28 WorkSpaces Screening Room
Screening Room
Our private screening room is the perfect venue to host your next presentation, screening or meeting. Our Barco 4k projector and theatrical seating can accommodate larger groups of up to 30, and help bring visuals and presentations to life.

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District 28 WorkSpaces Edit Suites
Edit Suites
Our comfortable and private suites are complete with the latest and best 4K hardware and software, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Da Vinci Reslove, AVID, Final Cut Pro as well as Final Cut 7. Rental length is flexible to best suit your project.

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District 28 Our Spaces Events
With three unique studios to choose from, as well as an in-house Screening room, Restaurant and Reception area, District 28 is the blank backdrop for your Events Creation. Leveraging established relationships with our hand-picked, preferred Caterers, Vendors, and Performers, District 28 delivers on all your event needs.

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District 28 WorkSpaces Private Offices
Private Offices
The perfect spot for teams of up to 10 who are for looking all the benefits of a community workspace but with the added benefit of your own private office to work from.

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District 28 WorkSpaces Dedicated Desks
Dedicated Desks
Dedicated desks feature blazing fast fibre optic WiFi to reach all your uploading and downloading needs. Each desk features 2 outlets and 2 USB ports to keep you connected all day

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